Before starting, we recommend that you verify that your components meet the minimum requirements.

🎧 Audio feels ...

Robotic 🤖

If you use Windows, you need to configure the ASIO driver correctly:

  • 48Khz

  • 16bit

  • Buffer size of 64 samples.

Then it is necessary to restart the audio engine using the StageWave menu.

Very unstable 😕

  1. Check that the same local network is not being used for network services, streaming video or music.

  2. Check in the "Performance" view of the mobile application that the indicator network is less than 3. If it is greater:

    1. Check that the 5 GHz WiFi network does not have interference with other wireless networks. In this video we explain how to do it.

    2. Configure the router to use the 5 GHz WiFI channel with 20 MHz bandwidth.

    3. If the computer used is Windows, check that the ASIO driver is using minimum latency mode or “Safe Mode” is disabled.

  3. If the Network indicator is less than 3 but the Device indicator is greater than 3:

    1. Make sure that the telephone has been prepared as indicated in point 3 of the telephone section system requirements.

    2. In the “Performance” view of the mobile application, increase the Buffer Size parameter little by little until you get a stable audio. If the latency obtained is very high, activate the “Safe Mode” option at 2x and repeat the process of gradually increasing the “Buffer Size” parameter, if necessary increase the Safe Mode parameter to 3x or 4x (This option increases the data flow in the network, use only if necessary).

Too low volume 🤔

  1. Check that the phone is set to maximum volume.

  2. Check that the gain structure of the audio console or interface is in adequate ranges.

  3. If necessary, activate the “Volume Boost” mode in the navigation menu of the mobile application.

💻 The desktop application ...

Open but black screens appears 😵

If you use Windows, try opening the application as Administrator (right click on the StageWave icon).

It opens but shows a "redistributables" message 🤯

Download and install the Visual C ++ file redist_x64.exe, using the link that appears in the same message.

It says that the audio device could not be used 😶

  1. Check that the audio device is configured for 48 KHz and 16 bit.

  2. Check that the ASIO audio device is not being used by other audio software

📱 The mobile app...

Won't connect to server 🙄

  1. Verify that both phone and computer are connected to it local network.

  2. Verify that the computer does not have any firewall activated that could block the connection to the server.

  3. Verify that both devices, phone and computer, have the latest versions of the application.

  4. Uninstall and reinstall the application on the phone.


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