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StageWave Version 4
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Discover the Latest Features of StageWave for an Unparalleled Musical Experience

The latest StageWave update is here to take your live music experience to new heights. As a team, we're excited to unveil a refreshed design and advanced technical features, all designed to provide you with an even more enriching wireless monitoring experience. Discover the thrill of live music with StageWave and join us on this exciting musical journey!

1. Revamped Design for an Intuitive Experience

The first glance at the app reveals a significant change in its aesthetics. The new design of the app for musicians has been carefully thought out to offer greater usability and accessibility. Each element has been meticulously placed so that musicians can navigate more efficiently, allowing them to focus on their art without unnecessary distractions.


2. Master Stereo Compressor for Each Musician

The update introduces an exciting addition: a dedicated master stereo compressor for each musician. This feature gives artists even greater control over their sound, allowing them to sculpt their personal monitoring mix in a more precise way. With this new capability, musicians can achieve an optimal balance between the elements of their music, delivering a more solid and captivating performance.

3. 4-Band Parametric Equalizer for Total Control

Tonal freedom reaches new heights with the 4-band parametric equalizer for each musician. Now, artists can adjust each frequency according to their preferences, fine-tuning their sound with exceptional precision. This versatility ensures that each musician can customize their monitoring mix according to the peculiarities of their performance and musical style.


4. Improved Reverb and Delay Effects: Vocalists' Wish Fulfilled

Vocalists have expressed their wishes, and StageWave has responded. The new version features reverb and delay effects, giving singers the ability to immerse themselves in richer and more expressive sound environments. Now, each note can be enhanced with captivating reverberations or delicate echoes, elevating the quality and emotion of each vocal performance.


5. Full Support for Apple Silicon

StageWave has also expanded its compatibility with leading market technology. The new version offers full support for Apple Silicon, ensuring that musicians who rely on Apple devices enjoy a smooth and optimized experience. Although it came a little late, the wait has been worth it for those who have adopted Apple's latest technology.


Elevating the Musician's Experience on Stage

In summary, the latest update of StageWave focuses on enhancing the musician's experience on stage. From an intuitive design to powerful control tools, each feature has been carefully designed to allow artists to express themselves in the most authentic way possible.

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