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Audio is very unstable ๐Ÿ˜•
Unstable audio

Dedicated Router

Check that the same local network is not being used for network services, streaming video or music. Remember StageWave needs a dedicated network.

Use the Performance view

  1. If the "Network indicator" is in red or yellow (value greater than 3):
    1. Check if the 5 GHz WiFi network does not have interference with other wireless networks. In this video we explain how to do it.
    2. Try Configuring the router to use the 5 GHz WiFi channel with 20 or 40 MHz bandwidth.
    3. If the StageWave Server app runs on Windows, check that the ASIO driver is using minimum latency mode or โ€œSafe Modeโ€ is disabled.
  2. If the Network indicator is in green but the Device indicator is in red or yellow (value greather than 3):
    1. Make sure that the telephone has been prepared as appears in the system requirements: Plane mode, bluetooth and GPS disabled and any other app closed.
    2. Increase the Buffer Size parameter little by little until you get a stable audio.